09 juin 2009

hollande que de hollande....

que de photos sur ce blog.... image cliquable, bien sur !

Hello guys,

through this mail I want to tell you that I really enjoyed your show last saturday in the city of Zwolle in the Netherlands.
At times you made it quite difficult for me to take pictures as you can see on my blog but I managed to make some good ones of your act and I put some of
them in a blog, if you are interested you can see it here .
Translation of the text:
Today attention for the group Cie Azimuts. This French theatregroup was marching across the streets and made it quite difficult for me (as you can see on the first pictures) by almost crawling into me with their instruments. I didn't know what to do better than going on with taking pictures, I was glad to be able to hide behind the camera, didn't feel at all comfortable *smile* These pictures were made by Amand Satoor de Rotas and he gave them to me. Thanks for that Amand! Suddenly one of the members ran against a wall and acted to be dead and some children immediately ran towards him and chequed his health, so cute! I also talked to their manager for a while, the group exists 10 years this year, and I gave him my card, you never know *smile*!

It was great 'meeting' you all and see you perform!

Ank Pot

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